Mainland Tour: Micronesia

Our destination is Micronesia which is a part of Sansara. Starting at the L-shaped Lake, we will travel along the outer side to the Particle Laboratory by boat where we continue our way along the GSLR by train. From the Periwinkle Train Station, we head over to the SLCG Station and the Coasties' Hangout. For the last leg of this first tour part with vehicles, we will hop into cars and ride along the coastal roads. The second part of the tour will be by foot only. Along the inner lake of Micronesia, we will stroll along its coast to visit Gion Kobu, Point West Waterfront and Santosha Islands.

Tour Date

Saturday, July 24, 9:00am SLT

@ Harvey Rez Zone, Continent: Sansara

Additional Info

The first half of the tour includes travelling by boat, train & car. Free vehicles will be made available but you can bring your own as well!

The tour info HUD is also available at the Mainland Tour Office.

General Info

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