Mainland Tour: Snowlands

MAINLAND TOUR is back and has joined forces for the next year with the BELLISSERIAN EMBASSY SANSARA, part of the BBB project that most know for its popular passports. While the original idea of hosted tours to explore interesting places around mainland remains, the tours will be expanded by also passing by at locations that offer a stamp to collect for BBB passport holders.

The first tour of this joint venture will start with the official Opening Ceremony at the BELLISSERIAN EMBASSY SANSARA. We will then hop on the bus for a little tour to the Snowlands. Those who have joined the last tour at the Snowlands - which happened almost a year ago! - might remember the fun we had with off-roading. While it were jeeps at the time, it is now a bus that holds up to 24 passengers. I hope, you gonna love it!

Tour Date

Wednesday, January 19, 12:00pm SLT

@ Bellisserian Embassy Sansara

Additional Info

Opening Ceremony takes ~10-15 minutes before we start the actual tour.

The tour info HUD is available at the collaborating locations; see About

General Info

see About